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Version feedback

Sorry it's been so long.
I guess I was thinking there would be an auto-update to the addon, but I finally checked today and updated it manually. seems to work in all aspects I have tested.

Thank you VERY much for the Edit/Cut-Copy-Paste ... very helpful.

Two issues to consider.

1. When clicking 'New Note' in popup menu, it will erase any existing note without warning, and Ctrl-Z will not recover. Perhaps a warning dialog, or greyed out menu item if note already exists? Something to prevent idiot actions, like I like to make.

2. The resizing of the message area.
I mentioned this previously, but failed to express my observation.
When grabbing the separator bar/resize border at the top of the message note, and dragging it upward, the message client area is not anchored to the bottom and right side. Therefore, when resizing the message area by grabbing the top border, the message area is not resized, but the component area is, leaving grey window space. This requires a second action to grab the resize handle at the lower right of the message and dragging it back down and to the right to fill the area.
I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for all your hard work !!